MICE Planners

Over the last few years, Thailand has received huge international recognition for its continued prevalence as a top travel destination, with several acclaimed awards also highlighting Thailand’s ever-growing MICE industry.

The kingdom’s major cities and beach resorts have inevitably been under thespotlight; Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket are the main focus for MICE planners

For business events, Thailand is not only a business hub at the Heart ofAsia , but also a thriving hub, where passionate people offer seamless service with an unforgettable smile.

Reasons to choose Thailand for MICE events:

Many Destinations
Thailand’s myriad landscapes provide wondrous places to discover, and our destinations offer different experiences - from fascinating culture to Island bliss - for a business event.

Great Connectivity
Thailand has a number of airports that service both international and domestic flights.Thailand’s location is in the heart of Asia, with hundreds of flights per day from all corners of the globe.

Variety of Venues
Whether you’re looking for a beachside exhibition hall, a banquet room that backs up to the jungle or a meeting room with skyline views, Thailand’s venues and destinations offer endless possibilities.

Wellknown for its hospitality
Signature Thai service is renowned throughout the world. Delivering even the most complex business events program with effortless grace & genuine passion, the talented Thai team is the perfect partner for your business event.

Accommodation options
Thailand’s hotels are famous for the excellence of their facilities but also for the traditional warmth and hospitality of the Thai people. The range of hotels could not be better. Right across the country, hotel accommodation can be found to suit any budget and any size group.

Why Choose Magic Holidays Bangkok for MICE?

We can arrange everything for you. Yes EVERYTHING!

  •   1 - We are experts in managing events and all your requirements for Meetings/Conferences/ Exhibitions will be dealt with utmost precision.
  •   2 - Air travel as we are IATA and do worldwide ticketing – domestic as well as international
  •   3 - Great deals on Hotels as we are in Thailand since a decade and share great associations with them.
  •   4 - Your local travel and sightseeing is also taken care off as we are in the travel business .

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